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worst case scenario

::::i'm being completely rational::::

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first things first, if you're looking for my fiction/fanfiction, that be over harrr --> dantes_vendetta

+ Cathy + 23 + country girl living in the city +
+ Medical Admin + Uni: Student of Japanese and Linguistics + Tafe: Student of Japanese +

+ FANDOMS: Sherlock Holmes (all adaptations), Inception, Jrock, FFVII, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Batman (Nolan'verse), various Animanga +
+ Reading: Robert Jordan, Alexandre Dumas, Arthur Conan Doyle, Arturo Perez-Reverte, J R Ward, Kristen Cashore, China Mieville, Neil Gaiman etc +
+ Music-East: Gazette, Versailles, 9Goats Black Out, Rentrer en Soi, D'espairsRay, Kaya, Girugamesh, etc +
+ Music-West: NIN, Dillinger Escape Plan, MIA, Tool, Lady Gaga, STP, Tom Waits, Opeth, Muse, etc +
+ Writing fanfiction +
+ Kink. Because it's fun and naughty in a perverted way. Like me. D: +
+ Sewing + Corsetry and Victoriana + random Japanese fashion + my piercings +
+ Buying frivolous things + Frolicking upon grassy knolls +
+ Travel: Japan, UK, France, Italy, anywhere everywhere +
+ Foods: French bread/pastries, pearl tea, custard puffs, okonomiyaki, chocolate... +
+ The words 'erratic', 'rather', and 'indeed' +
+ Making crappy avatars +

+ Paying rent +
+ Mushrooms. Most fail food ever +
+ Papercuts. Most painful thing known to man +
+ Bad grammar. It's not really a hate, but I'm a bit persnickety about such things. Pfft. Persnickety... +

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